Sensibull Review: Things You Need To Know!

Are you planning to use Sensibull for options trading? It is undeniable that Sensibull is one of the more well-known names in the trading industry. But does the platform deserve the attention it is getting? With a small number of stocks, it is easy to keep track of and identify possibilities. The majority of individuals invest their money in commodities without knowing why prices rise or fall in value. Analyzing the stock system through charts and currency value is the first step in becoming a successful trader on the stock market. But using the Sensibull trading platform, you can achieve your trading goals.

This article contains a review of the Indian investment management platform known as Sensibull. The sections are divided into three parts, which will give you a general insight if you are interested in transacting with this platform.

Description And Background

Sensibull is an investment management platform that has collaborated with other prominent brands such as Zerodha. However, it is mainly known for being the first options trading platform in India. Founded in 2017, the company began to experience significant growth the following year. Despite only having less than thirty people in their staff, their platform already has five million monthly users. But, of course, accompanied by its fast growth is the appearance of criticism and issues.

What Do They Offer?


Sensibull offers a widely used options trading platform. You will be able to have access to it by creating an account through their website and application. You may also activate your account through a Zerodha Demat account and Zerodha Kite. They offer two types of plans depending on your budget and the features you want access to.

🗝️ Free plan

A free plan is a good deal for those who have a limited budget or just starting. However, this plan may not be the best choice for experienced options traders due to being less valuable of the two choices. Of course, the paid plan will be much more convenient and beneficial because of its available features. Below are some of the free features for this plan:

•Basket Orders
•Real-time Prices
•Basic Option Chain
•Whatsapp Alerts
•Events Calendar

đź”’ Pro Plan

This plan currently costs â‚ą800 per month. However, it is reduced to â‚ą640 per month if you avail of the six months deal. The pro plan is going to be quite helpful for those who are experienced in the industry. Aside from the features already available from the free plan, even more features are offered here. Below are the additional features for this plan:

•Custom Strategy Builder
•Analyze Trade And Positions
•Strategy Groups
•Virtual Trading
•Startegy Wizard
•Easy Options
•Advance Option Chain
•Open Interest Charts
•Technical Signals
•Stocks Data
•IV Chart
•Real Time P&L And Greeks
•Options Screener
•Options Price Calculator

đźš© Free Trial For The Pro Plan

These features allow the user for a wider variety of strategic planning. The options trading industry needs a lot of precise planning to pull off successfully. These additional features can significantly assist the user in terms of monitoring and transacting when using this platform.

Sensibull offers a one-week free trial where all the features of the pro plan are unlocked. Then, this will give you the option to either regress to the free plan or continue paying for the pro plan. If you have any concerns about the pro plan, this offer can clear those up.

đźš© Learning Materials And Additional Information

Sensibull also has available learning materials on Youtube. This is for beginners who are interested in entering the industry or those unfamiliar with Sensibull’s platform. Besides that, there are also modules via the Varsity website for more in-depth discussions.

There are also users outside of the management itself that post free tutorials. This includes an abundance of articles, threads, and videos that contain helpful and more specific information.

Is Sensibull User-friendly?

Sensibull is very flexible when it comes to user-friendliness. Some components are simple enough for beginners to understand. Meanwhile, some features are also advanced enough for experienced options traders to utilize in various ways.

Of course, despite all of these available offers and features by Sensibull, there are issues you may encounter. Many users have already pointed out the various opposing sides of this platform. These will be discussed in the next section, along with the platform’s positive sides.

Pros and Cons

The tools and features of their platform are very effective if utilized well by the user.❌ There are reported cases of the website and application experiencing crashes due to the system not handling many users.
The format allows for a well-organized workspace. This is thanks to convenient features like advanced calendars and real-time monitoring of data.❌ The price of the pro plan can be pricey and unsuitable for a lot of users.
Users can respond quickly to their clients because of instant updates.❌ Low-end devices may face lagging and instability when using the platform.
Real-time recommendations and strategy tools allow for better risk management.❌ Because the platform uses digital currency and transactions, problems with the system may affect these factors.
The currency information is amplified, which allows the user to monitor specified data accurately.
Easy-to-monitor trades and positions in the interface.
The features are constantly being updated, increased, and improved by the management team.
The comparison between data and strategies through the strategy builder can help plan new approaches.
Because of the abundance of users and stockbrokers, you have access to more opportunities.
Some parts are helpful for beginners in options trading and investment because of their simplified interface and available tools. Also, trading uses a virtual currency, which is also optimal for those who are still practicing.

Is Buying The Pro Plan Worth It?

The pro plan is worth buying though it is not entirely flawless. However, it is notable that beginners should not impulsively register for the pro plan. In addition, the tools are powerful, but you can’t use them to their fullest without proper experience with options trading. That means if you have very little knowledge about the process itself, you are wasting your budget by not utilizing the platform correctly.

It is practical and convenient that you learn the in-depth information about trading first. Afterward, you can try the free plan or free trial of the pro plan to get a hold of the platform. Then, once you are ready for the more advanced parts of this platform, you can buy the pro plan.

Bottom Line

As you may have observed, the cons of Sensibull mainly come from human errors. The platform is handy and a powerful tool for options trading. However, it is up to the experience and preparation of the user when it comes to using Sensibull. Not everyone gets to be fortunate in this industry known to be a risk-and-reward game for investors.

On the other hand, not everyone is ready for the massive amount of deals by day traders. Some firms, on the other hand, are specifically constructed for the day trader in consideration. It’s important to remember that investing is only lucrative in the long term when traders treat it as a serious endeavor and conduct thorough research. In addition, traders must keep up with the current equity market flow and other issues that affect the changes in the status of the stock.